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Tired of the mundane, time-consuming, repetitive and endless tasks for potential results? Want a smarter more productive way? YAP is your solution and a real game changer! Let us bring your valued business to the next level. It’s simple. We answer all your marketing needs so… you get more time for yourself. You get it done quicker. Get marketing success in a SNAP with YAP!

Codeless Automation

Just the words “Codeless Automation” mean no work. Just set it one time, sit back, and the platform will repeat and multitask for you. It’s like that red, shiny “EASY” button you’ve always wanted. We do all the work and you get all the credit. Doing the same thing more than once takes a toll on your time, revenue, and happiness. Stop doing things twice and invest in YAP…You’ll never look back. Because YAP spelled backward is PAY…make your every day, a PAY day.


Don’t settle for nuts and bolts, you deserve a well-oiled machine. YAP’s features handle all your challenging marketing needs, quickly and efficiently. Take control, hit your targets, and realize your true business potential.
Link Checker
  • Detect cloakers effortlessly
  • Track all hops, redirects, or any malicious activity
  • Guarantee precise landing pages and dispatching of ads


Page Score
  • Flawless page performance is critical for digital marketing success. Test the loading speed, broken links, and SEO with one click.


  • Concerned about location compatibility? We got you covered with a built-in proxy VPN. Now all your tests will run hassle-free with fewer steps.
Watchdog Monitoring
  • Get real-time notifications when your site falls by email or on your mobile device.


Accounts management
  • Manage multiples accounts through one dashboard.


Responsiveness Tests
  • Examine your website viewability on any browser, device, operating system, or in any location.


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