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Our interface is so user friendly you’ll never want to disconnect. (You might take your work home.)
All your marketing QA needs on one ROBUST SPEEDY platform
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Codeless Automation

Why should the perks of automation be only for coders? Imagine you could teach your computer to do something that he could do again and again even when you’re not there. YAP would do the job and you’ll get the results. That’s exactly what YAP’s codeless automation is! Just YAP it and never do things twice ever again.
All tests are made with proxy VPN so you don’t have to worry about location issues anymore!


Test how your website looks on any browser, latest mobile device, operating system, or geolocation. Insert your URL and YAP provides a clear picture, with prompt scrollable screenshots.

Watchdog Monitoring

Scanning and alerting you to failures on your website has never been easier or more reliable. If your website drops, you’ll receive instantaneous alerts with detailed reports by email or your mobile device.
Watchdog Monitor
Page Score

Page Score

In business, time is money, and a slow website can cost you. YAP provides an essential tool with optimization tips. You will quickly know what’s slowing your site down and have the remedy to correct it.
Accounts Management

Accounts management

Overwhelmed and need to manage multiple accounts from various apps like Cloudflare or Trackbox? We can do that! Now you can amplify and optimize your business from one amazing user-friendly dashboard.
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